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“What does the Austrian Constitution have to do with me?” opened in Seestadt

Jun 23, 2022 | JMW News

The Austrian Constitution concerns us all and often has a direct impact on our daily lives. A new outdoor exhibition of the Jewish Museum Vienna in Seestadt tells its story.
Our Constitution is the basis for democracy and the rule of law. However, this document’s origin, content and importance are scarcely anchored in the consciousness of the population. This is exactly what the exhibition wants to change! Featuring numerous illustrations, the exhibition provides information about the Austrian Constitution, freedom, equality, democracy and the rule of law in an entertaining and humorous way.
The exhibition sees itself as an intervention in public space and is primarily aimed at adolescents and young adults. It wants to raise public awareness of the Constitution and pave the way for its content to be popularized, especially among young people, because the Constitution belongs and matters to us all.
What does the Austrian Constitution have to do with me? A lot – visit us in Seestadt!