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Summer Retreat at the Museum

Jul 3, 2019 | JMW News

The Jewish Museum Vienna is a cool place for hot days, since both locations are equipped with air conditioning. With the Summer Retreat Ticket at the price of € 15, not only can you keep a cool head and enjoy our exhibitions from July 1 to September 1, but you can also refresh yourself at Café Eskeles as of 3 p.m. with a glass of Limonana (Israeli mint lemonade) as well as a piece of cake of your choice. We wish you “Zohoraim tovim u-ver teavon” (A beautiful afternoon and bon appétit!).

The Summer Retreat Ticket is available at the ticket desks in Palais Eskeles and in Museum Judenplatz. Naturally, you can also visit the Museum Judenplatz up to four days after the date of issue.

Order the Summer Retreat Ticket online.