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Solidarity against hatred and incitement

Nov 30, 2023 | JMW News

The Jewish Museum Vienna views with great concern the social developments triggered by the murderous attack by Hamas on October 7, 2023 and the kidnapping of 240 hostages that are taking place in Europe as well as in Austria: false reports and fake news, relativizations and the reversal of victim and perpetrator roles caused a frightening wave of hatred and violence against Jewish institutions and against Jewish women and men worldwide. Today, in addition to the immeasurable pain of the Jewish community and the suffering caused by the attacks, there is also the fear of tomorrow, the fear of new threats.
In this oppressive situation, the Jewish Museum Vienna declares its solidarity with all Jewish women and men, in Israel and worldwide. We do not want to watch our society drift further apart; we want to send visible signs of solidarity. We do not want to allow the echo chambers of social media to spread hatred and antisemitism; we want to inform and educate. We will not stand idly by when murders are celebrated in the streets; we will stand up against it.
We stand on the side of Israel, on the side of the Jewish Community of Vienna. Together we condemn terrorism and antisemitism and affirm our shared values of solidarity and togetherness. We stated our position in the display window of the Jewish Museum on Dorotheergasse as well as on our social media channels. The Raising Flags art project, in cooperation with museum in progress, refers to the precarious circumstances faced by the Jewish community in the past and present. Our event program will repeatedly address aspects of this new turning point in the coming months and we offer special tours of our exhibitions.
Each of us can and should contribute something to protect and preserve our democratic society: through information and education or through action.
The mission of the Jewish Museum Vienna is more important today than ever. We want to build bridges between people, promote understanding of Jewish culture, and carry forward intercultural exchange. We stand for non-violent, respectful coexistence. To support this, we are developing new offers and formats. We are also committed to non-violent interactions with each other. To achieve this, we are constantly expanding our offers and formats.