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Book presentation: Edith Schreiber-Wicke “Im Schatten deiner Flügel”

Wednesday, December 7th | Museum Dorotheergasse, Dorotheergasse 11, A-1010 Wien

The first adult novel by the award-winning young adult book author 1943: Lilly Salomon lives unrecognized amidst the winding lanes of the Serenissima. Her past as an opera star is behind her – and yet she won’t let go. When she meets the painter Mario de Silva again, love lets her forget the threatening shadow of […] | more

Book presentation: Werner Rosenberger “Hinter fremden Fahnen. Geschichten aus Botschaften und Residenzen”

Wednesday, December 14th | Museum Dorotheergasse, Dorotheergasse 11, A-1010 Wien

Behind closed doors in embassies and residences: The places where diplomats are now active today were once places that personalities who shaped Austria politically, economically and culturally called home. Their Viennese palaces and magnificent mansions are still reminiscent of a time when princes like Rasumofsky and Metternich, dazzling female figures like the “last Bonaparte,” opera […] | more