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Who Cares? Jewish Responses to Suffering

Wednesday, January 31st - Sunday, September 1st | Museum Dorotheergasse, Dorotheergasse 11, A-1010 Wien

Violence, illness, poverty, depression: suffering affects everyone and makes them dependent on others. Who cares for whom and who is excluded from receiving aid? The principles of tikun olam (heal the world) and zedakah (charity) form the foundation of the exhibition. It explores the medical, psychological, and social welfare programs established in Vienna, with particular focus on the people behind these initiatives. The achievements of prominent male and female Viennese Jewish doctors are juxtaposed with the long-neglected stories of mothers, midwives, nurses, and social workers. Although the Nazi regime destroyed pivotal infrastructure, care was still provided. In light of war, terror, and the climate catastrophe, the question “Who cares?” gains heightened importance. Empathy and solidarity remain, now more than ever, vital for peaceful coexistence.

Curators: Caitlin Gura, Marcus G. Patka
Exhibition design: Bienenstein visuelle Kommunikation; Gerhard Veigel, Museums- und Ausstellungsservice
Sujet: Georg Ehrlich, Der Blinde und der Lahme, ca. 1920


As part of our exhibition, we invite you to support a care organization of your choice. Every amount counts when it comes to making a change. You can hand in your donations in donation boxes provided in the exhibition. You can chose between these organizations: