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Tuesday, March 28th - Sunday, October 29th | Museum Judenplatz, Judenplatz 8, A-1010 Vienna

According to the Judeo-Christian tradition, Adam and Eve introduced guilt into the world through the Fall. Furthermore, Cain’s murder of his brother Abel is regarded today as an allegory for the wrongs that people inflict on others. While the admission of guilt is a central idea in monotheistic religions, in society it is criminal law that determines guilt and innocence.

After the Shoah, the question of guilt became a sociopolitical issue, one that is still relevant today. Whereas discussion revolved initially around collective and individual guilt, the question now focuses on complicity and suppressed guilt. Survivor’s guilt is a further phenomenon that was acknowledged for the first time as a result of the Shoah.

The exhibition looks at the various dimensions of guilt—existential, metaphysical, moral, or political, for example. Historical objects and selected works of art accompany visitors as they confront this multi-layered topic.

Curators: Hannes Sulzenbacher, Sabine Apostolo, Gabriele Kohlbauer-Fritz, Marcus Patka, Andrea Winklbauer

Exhibition design: Fuhrer, Wien